Artemis PaPP

PaPP - Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Systems

The PaPP project aims at making performance predictable for parallel applications on heterogeneous parallel platforms. Performance should be predictable in every development phase, from the modeling of the system, over its implementation and through to its execution. This will enable the European developers to design systems and software for the complicated heterogeneous systems of the future with performance portability and reduced resource usage in cost-efficient solutions capable of competing on a worldwide market.

This will be achieved by allowing for early specification and analysis of performance of systems and its adaptation to different hardware platforms, including an adaptive runtime system. The concrete results of PaPP will be tools, software architectures and best practices guidelines for the development of software on heterogeneous manycore systems of increasing complexity.

In the project Realtime Embedded will develop a platform based on an FPGA with multiple soft Leon3-processor cores in a heterogeneous configuration and an hybrid OS solution, with a mixture of Linux and real time OS running on different cores. The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to adjust it in order to optimize inter-processor communication, power management and resource sharing. The platform can also be fitted with hardware support for performance counters, debugging and external control.

Realtime Embedded will also develop a virtual platform to facilitate effective development of software early in the design phase.  This will also enable automated testing and debugging possibilities throughout the development cycle. This tool will offer a framework where it is possible to assemble virtual components (devices) to form a virtual platform which has identical software interfaces to an actual physical platform. Thus, within PaPP, Realtime Embedded will develop a virtual environment which is identical, from a software perspective, with the physical platform and which executes the same unmodified software. An elastic hardware platform together with a virtual environment will in the future allow for fast creation of flexible multicore and heterogeneous systems portable across many applications.

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