Together with our partner, Antmicro, we are developing Emul8, a software framework for building virtual copies of embedded hardware. The framework enables faster development, better quality software and more thorough testing.
Emul8 allows you to start the software development on a virtual model of the target platform immediately, even if it’s not physically available. It lets you model a device or network of interconnected devices, design and implement a full software stack just as you would do with a physical system – only easier.

You can:
start developing and testing your new product quickly in a continuous integration environment explore various paths without the need for costly physical setups benefit from much better observation, batch testing and debug possibilities than on physical hardware.

With Emul8 you are in control of not only the software but also the virtual hardware it runs on, which makes experimenting and locating possible problems much less time consuming. Only at a later stage of the development do you need to actually work with physical hardware. Ideally, the lessons learned from software prototyping on a virtual platform can even influence your hardware specification and design process! Also after deploying the physical system, the virtual copy can serve as an innovation and new feature development bench, letting you prototype new ideas without breaking the running installation.

Selected features:
  • Well-defined API, support for multiple programming languages
  • Usable via scripting, console tools and a GUI
  • Infrastructure for testing embedded software in the virtual environment
  • Supported architectures: ARM, SPARC, PowerPC
  • Integration with GDB
  • Checkpointing and restoring a previously saved state
  • Reusable hardware model blocks
  • Generating simulation reports with valuable simulation data
  • Integration with the Wireless Sensor Network framework, COOJA
  • Developed for easy integration with an existing development/test environment

For more information visit our www.emul8.org or send us an e-mail.

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