Artemis SMECY

SMECY envisions that recently emerged multicore technologies will rapidly develop to massively parallel computing environments, which due to improved performance, energy and cost properties will, in a few years, extensively penetrate the embedded system industry sectors. This will affect and shape the whole business landscape, e.g. semiconductor vendors need to be capable of offering advanced multicore platforms to diverse application sectors, Intellectual Property (IP) providers need to re-target existing and develop new solutions to be compatible with evolving multicore platforms and the need of embedded system houses, in addition to product architecture adaptations and renewing their system, architecture, software and hardware development processes.

The complexity of future smart multicore embedded systems requires holistic system integration because of strict and stringent constraints on e.g. performance and time to market that can only be mastered using a design approach that optimizes interaction between SoC design and Embedded Software approaches. Therefore, many companies that traditionally have a culture rooted in nano and microelectronics express an urgent need in acquiring know-how and competences in embedded software. Equally urgent is the need of embedded system houses to be able to transform their current product assets to use multicores and at the same time to establish development processes in order to fully exploit them.
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